So, I had a job interview for a corporate job doing data analysis for customer experience measurements – with a corporation where I think I might be able to find a long term research scientist job – not in customer experience, but in public health. But hey a foot in the door is a foot in the door.

And see, the family is hungry this week.  This PhD mama can’t feed her kids and it makes me so hopeless and so sad that I invested so much time in something that feels pretty worthless.

The interviewer who asked the question above waited for the “co-interviewer” to leave the room and then hit me with it…

Why can’t, because my family is hungry be an acceptable answer?

So I rattled off how I want to stay in the area and how academia is not what it used to be (my husband and I later mused that this second part to the answer made it look like it was second choice for me – which it is but can’t say that OUT LOUD). Her dad, and she was older middle age, was a prof so she had a different idea of what that world was like.

Anyhow, I’ve read my share of advice columns etc etc and I’ve become quite embittered with a constant stream of pithy and or already taken and seemingly not effective advice that has not seemed to help me for MONTHS NOW AND THE FAMILY IS HUNGRY.  So, here’s yet one more alt-ac bit of advice that I hadn’t seen previously – if you go alt-ac, you might get the question above, and the corporate environment is not yet ready for us, I think, and they will wonder why we’ve left such a sweet deal.  They WILL NOT CARE that temp-teaching positions have risen by 50% while all of the tenure track has basically stagnated so that the cushiness of academia, not that it is even cushy anymore as I see my recently employed colleagues struggling for work life balance, but I digress…. Just say, “I don’t want to be in academia, I want to be in the corporate world for reasons X, Y, and Z.”  BE PREPARED FOR THAT QUESTION.

We’re also out of coffee – that’s always a bummer.

And now, for information on why Marxism doesn’t work, for all you financially secure Marxist-wannabes (I’m one, but have lost all hope) out there: I atone! I apply for all these jobs! I’m a great worker, I work so hard, I gain strength from employment and stable financial security!  I JUST WANT TO WORK!  SOMEONE PLEASE VALUE MY SKILLS AND HIRE ME!


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